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These are some of my favorite recipes. These have been "collected" from a combination of friends, relatives, or developed in my own mind and kitchen.

I do not claim any particular set of ethics on food from these, other than what I've written elsewhere on this site involving my own personal ethics for food or nutrition. If anything here does not meet with your own ethics or guidelines on nutrition, or does not meet your own nutritional needs for any sort of physical condition or your tastes, feel free to modify them or use them as you choose.

Likewise, they are not sorted in any particular order regarding gunas or energies. Each recipe though has a short discussion of the gunas which are involved in the item.

Most of these recipes are here, as modified to meet my own nutritional needs and tastes. I will site the source of the recipe, or the basis for the recipe, if known.

In various sections, I will categorize recipes as to their predominant guna or energy type. Some of these may vary according to some choices made while preparing them.

Latkes or Potato Pancakes Fried Rice Juan's Spanish Rice Portabella Steak
Potato Kugel Shanghai Chicken Curried Vegetable Stew Seafood-Squash Soup
Baked Stuffed Fish Rice Stuffing Homemade Potato Bread Sicilian Spagetti Gravy
Chicken and Rice Chili Sauce Mom's Cornbread Fruit filled Hot Cross Buns
Sicillian Pizza Italian Bread Garlic Bread Yugoslavian Kolachskys
Chicken Mole Enchiladas Cheese Grits and Greens Blintzes Dog Treats
Flaxseed Chicken Soup Corn-Flaxseed muffins Flaxseed chocolate chip cookies Meat, fish, or chicken loaf
Upper Peninsula Pasties Flax Cheeseburgers Peanut Butter Tuna Polish Paprika Meat
Low Cholesterol Paella Thai Curry Beef Deluxe Garbanzo Bean Salad Aunt Dorothy's Baked Beans
Mushroom Goulash Tomato Pasta Pesto Salad Mikie's Etouffee Spice Beans and Sausage
Mom's Pot Roast Pumpernickel Bread Eggplant Parmesana Fruit Shortcake
Chocolate Sour Cream Cake Grandma's Biscuits Seafood Lasagne Spinach Lasagne
No-Knead Bread Macaroni and Blue Cheese Shanghai Stuffed Chicken Shanghai Bok Choy
Parsnips Vichy Cocoa Bread Vanilla Extract Eggnog
Colorado Green Chili New Green Chili Sourdough Crust Pizza Bohemian Baby
Low-Sugar Chocolate Cake Spinach Bean Soup Bean or Lentil Soup Vindaloo Fish
Giggles and Diversions
Eating Crow
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