Photo courtesy of Kami Stafford.

Eating Crow

I'm posting this recipe for anyone who does or says anything whereby they have to eat crow as a result. If you have to eat crow, it is best if you prepare it properly. Eating crow though is NOT recommended under any circumstances. Only very young ones are edible at all. Fully grown crows are too fiberous to be digestable by humans.

An alternative recipe would be to place the cleaned crow in a dutch oven. Cover with water. Boil for 2 weeks. Discard the crow and eat the pan!

Of course, there are ethics too. Crows are extremely intelligent birds. As far as I'm concerned personally, they are too "high" on an evolutionary scale to be ethical for consumption except under cases of extreme emergency. So, enjoy this for the joke it is meant to be, and do NOT attempt to put it into practice.

Guna Involved

Guna - Satvic if used as a joke, as intended. Tamasic if actually put into practice.



Preparing "Pie"


Yield: As many as need to eat crow.


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