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Italian Bread

I obtained this recipe while I was in high school, from a second-generation Sicillian American. He gave it to me in conjunction with his recipe for Sicillian Pizza.

This is a fairly low-fat content recipe, as compared with the Polish Potato Bread. As such, it is a little lower calorie and it's got a little less tamas from the grease, but does not keep nearly as long without going stale. About the first day is it for bread. After that, it can be grated and used for bread crumbs in any recipe.

It is useful for making sandwiches, Garlic Bread, or eating plain, buttered, jellied.


Optional Ingredients

Do NOT add garlic to the bread dough! It will prevent the yeast from rising. However, you may sprinkle the top with garlic powder, if you so desire.



Yield: 1 loaf or 2-3 pizza crusts for Sicillian Pizza


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