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Spinach Lasagne

I got something similar to this when taken out for a birthday dinner many years ago. I really liked it! I analyzed it, then went home to copy it. That time, I used a combination of 1/4 lb shrimp, 1/4 lb scallops, 1/2 lb imitation crab legs. Of course, you can use whatever kind of seafood you'd like or have available. I've used various combinationa of crab, lobster, imitation crab, imitation lobster, oysters, clams, and crawfish. Those combinations all came out good.

I need to explain the atypical spelling of the word "Lasagne". Lasagna is an Italian word. It is a "regular" noun, so ending with an -a, it's feminine singular. To make it a feminine plural, a regular noun in Italian ends with a -e. The word "Lasagna" means "one noodle". I sometimes will critique menus in Italian restaurants, just for fun, especially when the owner is available. If I'm going to cook this, I intend to use more than one noodle!

Guna Involved

Guna - tamas




Yield: About 6 servings


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