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Spinach Lasagne

This is a recipe that I just sort of came up with when an online friend and I were madly exchanging emails of spinach recipes. Indeed, it appeared to be "365 ways to cook spinach".

I need to explain the atypical spelling of the word "Lasagne". Lasagna is an Italian word. It is a "regular" noun, so ending with an -a, it's feminine singular. To make it a feminine plural, a regular noun in Italian ends with a -e. The word "Lasagna" means "one noodle". I sometimes will critique menus in Italian restaurants, just for fun, especially when the owner is available. If I'm going to cook this, I intend to use more than one noodle!

Guna Involved

Guna - tamas and satva - combined, it's rajas.




Yield: About 6 servings


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