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Dog Treats

I have temporary custody of a dog. He was 5 years old when I got him, and was very picky about food. Indeed, he refused a commercial dog treat and some commercial dog biscuits. So, I started making them to see if I could make an inexpensive treat that the dog would eat.

I did it. I found a recipe online, but he didn't care for them too much, but at least he would eat them. I modified the recipe further, and he goes utterly bonkers over these. I would imagine that any other "picky" carnivorous or omnivorous animal would too. My cats like them too. A second dog I got loves them too.

Other advantages to these are that they are low in artificial ingredients, or completely natural depending on what type of ingredients you put into them. These are generally healthful for your pet besides, and are freshly made. Indeed, I have not had these last much over a week in my household.

One recent modification is to use the real onion rather than the onion powder. They like them better that way, and the food processor still does all the work of chopping it up.

Guna Involved

Guna - Not a particularly useful notion, in this context.

However, I would point out that it is the nature of a dog to be an omnivore, with higher protein and meat needs than a human being. The dog needs these items. If one is going to care for an animal, the animal must be cared for according to its nature. If, for instance, you could not eat meat yourself, it is wrong to force an animal who relies upon you for its needs to not eat meat, if it's the nature of that animal to eat meat. If one wants to avoid meat, and cannot give such things to an animal, a better choice for a pet would be a rabbit or parakeet, who naturally does not eat these things.




Yield: Depends on size of pet.

Serving and Storing

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